Having visited Vietnam previously, I know it’s intense, chaotic and delicious. It’s the perfect place to try and recondition my mind to soften the culture shock before heading onwards to the next potentially more hectic destination.

I knew little about Vietnam as a country before the first time I came, besides the ill-fated American war.
I underwent a steep learning curve as I researched and experienced the trip. I learnt so much, the French colonisation, the amazing ancient heritage, empirical and cultural shifts of the greater region, the cultural diversity of the hill tribes and the modern age communist era, along with the diverse food culture.

The first stop on this relatively short Vietnamese trip is Hanoi, the capitol, a fantastic city indeed! I then move onto Hoi An and re-visit Ho Chi Minh City as well.

Although It’s a small itinerary I relish the opportunity to once again consume my way around this famously gourmet country.
The street hawker culture thrives in Vietnam, many of the finest flavoured meals I have eaten came from single dish sellers from makeshift carts. I’m hoping to gain some new experiences, many likely to be packed with awesome flavours.