Banh Cuong

The stuffed freshly cooked rolled rice paper pancakes are still warm from the steamer, they are made a bit like crepes with rice batter spread over a layer of fabric secured over a pot of steaming water (rather than a round skillet) a lid on top of the smeared batter helps to capture the heat and to cook the fresh paper for a moment or two.
The delicate hot rice pancakes are removed from the fabric with a bamboo spatula, filled and rolled up.

Banh Cuong Nahn Thit Loin is the rice pancakes filled with a mix of minced pork, onion, wood ear or shiitake mushrooms, all cooked quickly to retain freshness.
I also tried incredibly tasty variation made with chicken, Banh Cuong Nahn Thit Ga, quite similar ingredient wise as the pork. The chicken a more pronounced and sweeter meat flavour.
And a tasty prawn variation Banh Cuong Tom Tuoi that was made without the mushroom.

All variations were topped with fried shallots, occasionally with crispy garlic too. Some coriander and what appears to be spearmint. A sweet and salty dipping liquor to dunk any of the Banh Cuong into before eating is a must.

I tried a few versions, in a few places

The ubiquitous salty fish sauce and sweet rice vinegar is on the table if more sweetness or salt is wanted, along with some rather fiery fresh chilli slices, they impart a nice hum to the warm dipping liquor.


The Bahn Cuong are a bit tricky to eat with chopsticks as they are a bit slippery, lift them dunk them and apply them to your face.