Cao Lau

I don’t understand why this dish is so popular, sure it’s a Hoi An speciality and on premise it should be freaking delicious. It certainly look delicious!

The dish as I understand it, involves thick chewy egg noodles, a bit like Fujian noodles (considering the Fujian assembly temple in town I feel this is very likely indeed) fresh rice paddy herbs, a warm slice of master stock poached pork, some of the master stock itself and topped with some small pieces of fried wonton wrappers.

The two versions I’ve been served have been lacklustre, bland and sadly disappointing. Sure there needs to be a slight reservation of flavour, if the master stock is too punchy then the paddy herbs get lost. Perhaps the portion of pork needs to be more generous to give the noodles something more to eat with.

With only a few days in Hoi An and limited appetites this meal was an appetite better spent elsewhere. 


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