p1020399Being measured up for clothing is a weird, slightly awkward experience, I kind of feel like I’m a ham being sized up for Christmas, seeing if I’m going to fit in the oven.

It’s all part of the experience, Hoi An and tailors seem to go in hand in hand, there doesn’t seem to be a street in or near the old town without one. The mannequins are dressed in their sun bleached clothes, some garish, some slutty, some ill-fitting (not a great sign for a tailors). The signs all glitter and stained wood are quite classy, the trip advisor reviews and grading on prominent display in many places. It’d be a nightmare to find one.

p1020392I’m glad I don’t do this kind of research, I rock up at the one I’m told to rock up at and get told to stand still while my shirt is lifted up and a tape measure is run all over my body, across the back, down the arms, through the legs, outside leg… inside! I’m glad that is only going to happen in the one shop.

The turn around is quick, basic items are usually ready within 24 hours, a suit 3 piece is within 48 hours, and that is with 3 fittings.

My brand new 3 piece suit and winter overcoat are on their way to the UK. I’m fairly sure that I am happy with them, it was very warm when I was trying them all on. I’ll find ut when I finally get home.