White Rose

The white rose of Hoi An are made with a secret family recipe now handed down to the 3rd generation. All of the examples you may try in town are made by the same family and sold to the various restaurants around town. When I was last in town I was lucky enough to have a private cookery lesson with a local chef, he told me that they are easy enough to make but out of respect for local food traditions everyone continues to buy them.

p1020891Of course the family that makes them has a shop, it features one of the smallest menus ever. It’s a short-ish walk from the old town in a residential part of town, the walk in itself isn’t necessarily worthwhile as the white rose is available all over town. I just wanted to try the white rose as the family who makes it intends it to be eaten.

Delicate looking, with a great chewy consistency, the White Rose are an open shrimp dumpling made from a semi translucent white dough, bunched to look like an old fashioned rose. Topped with crispy fried shallots and garlic, they are dunked in a sweet vinegar dipping liquid just prior to eating, a small piece of chilli steeping in the dipping liquor imparts a lovely tingle on the tongue.