Banh Xeo

This has nothing to do with food, I just thought it was cool.

The crispy rice flour pancake is one of my favourite things, a Vietnamese dish that I have been trying to perfect for some time now. The dish needs no introduction for me.


Crisp fried rice pancake filled with sliced tenderly poached pork belly, prawns, bean sprouts and cooked mung beans is my favourite incarnation. Although I have seen variation that include squid, beef, fish or egg.


To eat the Banh Xeo you break off pieces, place these pieces inside some large, crisp lettuce leaves add some herbs, roll the lettuce leaf up to surround the contents and dunk the whole lot into the salty sweet dipping liquor. In the north they serve Banh xeo with rice paper and smaller lettuce leaves with the idea to roll everything in the rice paper.

I recommend leaning forward while lifting the leaf to your mouth, the dipping liquid is quit thin and prone to dribbling out.

The omnipresent table condiments are there if you wish to modify your dipping sauce.