Pork chop noodle soup

It’s a happy thing when a food experience you’re trying to relive from many years past ends up being as good as the first experience. Seven years ago I was in HCMC for the first time, walking away from the nearby tourist ghetto as quickly as possible I came across this very busy shop while looking for breakfast.

It has been on my hit list of food if I was ever to come back to the city, the full flavoured pork broth, lightly sweetened toying with my memory

p1030140The chopstick tender pork is flavoursome, fatty and delicious. The wontons are one of the additional options, suitably slimy with the wet wonton wrappers encasing a soft porky filling. The thin rice noodles are my preferred of the three offered, swimming around the bowl with some short cut chives their silky texture is so very good.
This soup is going to go into my face fast. But first I’ve got some crispy fried garlic and garlic infused vinegar to add to the broth before I eat too much. I don’t need to add any fish sauce or soy, the seasoning is spot on.

Rarely do I go back to the same place too often, but this soup was worthy of a repeat trip, the very next day, those that know me understand exactly how much I love pork. My only sadness from this visit to HCMC is that I leave too early to have a third bowl.