Spectacular sights

Dochula Pass

p1030426The 108 stupas adorning the Dochula Pass are a great fascination, a must see for anybody heading east from Thimpu, considering there is just one road it really is. On a fine day the vista towards the snow-capped Eastern Himalayas is magnificent, creating a superb backdrop to these incredibly photogenic stupas. On a cloudy day the vibrant colours of prayer flags that weave around the nearby wooded walkway are more alluring as clouds scrape the mountain peaks, close enough to grasp. The nearby temple gives a deferent vantage and is well worth the small stroll uphill from the car park


Giant Buddha Thimphu

p1030924Overlooking Thimphu and the surrounding countryside this colossal seated figure is aimed at promoting peace and harmony across the world. With a bronze body and gold face the sheer scale of the Buddha is amazing especially from the base.

Chele la pass

Above the Paro valley we are taken up a steep and winding road each turn leading us past more moss encrusted pine trees, the old man beard swaying in the slight breeze,, water trickling down into the roads culverts, the wind loosening the old pine needles causing them to drift towards the forest floor. Past yaks grazing in the pasture we reach the Chele la pass above the tree line and now exposed to the much stronger wind the sound of the multi coloured prayer flags flapping in the strong wind will stay with me for some time.

p1040513Walking across the ridge line higher toward the sky the lichen and moss encrusted rocks stand sentinel amongst the wing flags, balancing as they were intended when placed to make representative stupas to holding further prayers for family. As we climb we leave the flags behind, no silently flapping beneath us I note the sparse mountain grasses clinging to the stony ground, the occasional flower a subtle hue of purple intermittently adds a brightness. The beautiful surroundings taking my breath away, literally, above 4000 metres above sea level breathing gets really tough. The views were astounding!