p1040797India is the destination on this trip I am most apprehensive about. It’s such a large country, with such a wide range of cultures, peoples, languages and cuisines, there are so many things that could go horribly wrong. Multiple languages are also use, thankfully English is one of them.

My mental expectation for India is that of an intense place full of hustle and bustle, a bit dirty, quite hectic and not necessarily complete with friendly inquisition. This mental expectation has led to my pre-trip apprehension. I knew the Incredible India campaign with its stunning palaces and amazing landscapes could only be the glossy veneer of the society beneath. I’m p1040636hoping I will become accustomed to the pace and nuances of my travelling life here.

I am incredibly excited about the food, although happy to admit that my knowledge of the Indian cuisines is limited, quite limited, something I will seek to remedy. The heat of the spices used in curries is something I was concerned about, Bhutan with its chilli laden food has waylaid my fears about, I’m not afraid of much now, it really has taken away any concerns I had about the chilli heat in food.