Bengali dining

With all the abundant street food in Kolkata it requires a bit more effort to find food that traditionally identifies as Bengali. The use of fresh coconut with mild spicing a hint of sweetness being indications of some common dish styles. Seafood is also quite common on the Bengali table

A delicious upmarket Bengali restaurant situated in a former colonial house was a good idea to try some classic Bengali dishes. The menu read like a book of regional Bengali fare, I required much deliberation and careful selection to whittle down the choices. The food was delicious with most of the dishes hitting their mark in just the right ways. I managed to chomp my way through my fair share of the following menu selection.

p1040710Bengali Fish Fry, the fish was marinated last minute and smeared with a little mustard, before being crumbed, served with mustard sauce.

Hansher Dimer Devil, a spiced lamb scotched duck egg, the lamb very soft textured and almost spiced into redundancy.

p1040713Kaju Kismis Pulao- a delicious rice, lightly sweet with fresh coconut, toasted cashews and sultanas.

Moong Mohan Dal, a thin yellow lentil dal, flavoured with mango, ginger and coconut.

p1040717Dab Chingri, prawns with soft mellow flavoured green sauce, made with fresh coconut water

Murgir Tramfrado, a slightly sweet chicken curry with medium heat, made with coconut water and local limes

p1040726Nolen Gurer Ice cream a date syrup coated date ice cream, ground cashew and a dry milk texture like some of the sweets.

Located in a residential area of the city I welcomed the walk back to the hotel after the meal, any aid to digestion was most welcome at that point.