Kati rolls

Fried on a skillet, or simply fried, thin unleavened bread, delightfully elastic and chewy are very popular served with a little dahl or vegetable curry.

Kati rolls use these fantastic breads to create a wrap, the filling selection is thankfully somewhat limited, egg, cheese, chicken, mutton or vegetable, or combinations thereof. The dough if rolled to order and placed dry onto the large concave frying surface, it is given a few minutes to firm up and create a skin on the dough, oil is added and the bread is fried. An egg is added once the bread is turned, broken and beaten directly on the blistered and browned surface of the bread, it’s flipped and refried for a few minutes before being thrown to the kati roll stuffer.


The kati roll stuffer must have asbestos fingers, in just a few moments after he has been handed the still spluttering bread I am handed a piping hot roll. He’s managed to add some thinly sliced red onion, a dash of cumin, a few pieces of chopped chilli, a dash of ketchup and green chilli sauce as well as the extra fillings you requested.

The first bite is a dangerous one, the blisteringly hot bread so alluring yet so very likely to blister the roof of your mouth. The third and fouth bites become trickier still, as the paper the roll is bound with is so tight and entwined it needs to be carefully opened to facilitate further eating. Tricky indeed.

I tried a few variations of these delicious rolls, from either a street vendor or a small hole in the wall shop, my favourite was the egg and chicken roll, bought from a small hole in the wall, the spice balance of the tandoor roast chicken was perfect with the amount of raw onion.