Khajuraho is nice enough, a bit of a one horse town with many ancient Hindu temples littered about town. The temples are cool, with the best preserved, largest and most concentrated number in the centre of town. The stone carving work impressive in quality and scale, much of the work is still in pristine condition, surprisingly considering the age of the buildings. The ancient ornate temples of the western group are set amongst wide pristine lawns and mature trees, the significant carvings adorn the large sandstone buildings and a series of similar smaller structures within the complex. I forgot which of the gods the temples are dedicated to, with scenes from the karma sutra nestled amongst the other depictions they clearly liked a bit of naughtiness.

The half dozen or so temples in the main complex certainly fulfilled my temple quota for the week and left me with a quandary of what else to do in town. There are a few more temples south of the town centre, in my opinion not worth the trek, seen one… The walk across town to the temples in the fields to the east was worth the walk, here I could take a small glimpse of a rural lifestyle, with the cows, goats and rural village like scenes near the eastern temples serving as a reward for the effort. The town itself rendered few memorable highlights, with the people on the east side of town with an agrarian existence quite interesting, although clearly poorer than those across town.

With the sights of Khajuraho town out of the way, and with little else to do I decided to succumb to the almost constant hassle from the small shop holders. The western side of town is laden with small shops and does hassle well, comprehensively well, from the moment you arrive to the time you leave, in a small concentrated space. Succumbing and looking through the shops can do no harm, some of the stuff is quite nice, a reasonable bit of banter with the shop keepers unfurls as I tell them I’m not buying, it was ok with them, they really just wanted the opportunity.

Chanting and music begins filling the night sky with a peaceful atmospheric ambience, emanating from the temples as the evenings performance begins. There was just one thing left for me to do while I town, it certainly wasn’t going to be a yoga retreat, I heard some of those were nearby. I begin to wonder about tomorrow activity, no not yoga for me, I’m going to look for tigers.