The Tandoor

With few dining options in Khajuraho that weren’t predominantly western fare and with street food not back on the menu due to this rural towns being not that clean. I’ll settle for the tandoor grill offered in one of the multi cuisine venues, hoping for the best I was remarkably pleased!

Tandoori fired boneless Hariyali chicken kebab – The vibrant green of this excellently spiced and moist kebab wasn’t the most surprising thing, it was the excellent flavour, zingy, tangy and with a little cumin scented minted yoghurt it was delicious.

Tandoori fired Malai chicken kebab – Pale in colour, this cheese, ginger and cardamom marinated chicken although terrifically tender lacked a bit of oomph. The little charred edges missing that killer flavour behind the smoky char.

Garlic naan bread – dripping with butter this thin, fluffy and crisp naan bread was bang on the money. I’m told that they are made with baking powder as a raising agent rather than being the yeasted dough I assumed them to be.

Lacha paratha, layered with herbs – this paratha that is smeared with butter during the layering process was so crispy, so delicious, so bad for me! Although not cooked in a tandoor, instead fried in the butter that seeps from it.

p1050511Paneer Kadai masala – The almost bland paneer is one of the simplest cheeses around, stable when cooked and slightly absorbent. Paneer takes on the flavour of this well spiced, peppery and capsicum laden curry, it was delicious with the tandoor fired naan.