I’m a bit annoyed with myself for waiting so long to eat puffed rice snacks. I call them puffed rice snacks, but really they are made from a collection of crisp items, puffed rice and barley, crisp chickpeas, crisped potato, fried noodles, pressed and fried fresh millet, even dried peas.

Tossed with spices, chopped tomato and onion on a paper sheet that in time will be turned into the cone they are served in. A squeeze of lime, a little more spice, some peanuts if you like, occasionally some dried fruit. They are really tasty!

The sellers can be seen quite frequently in Jaipur, their tiny cylindrical stalls often perched on a tripod next to one of the many pillars that make up the covered walkway In front of the peach / pink coloured shops.

p1060366Balancing the full cone in my hand while trying to extract a few dozen rupees to pay for the cone was tricky, eating the cone full of crispy, spicy, tangy joy would have been trick too! If I had not spied a previous customer unwittingly giving me the trick. A simple edge of the cone folded flat and heavily creased, I was a little unsure, and was certain I would end up with a hilarious face full when I rested the creased section on bottom lip and poured the contents towards my waiting, open maw. I was well rewarded, only a few pieces spilling onto the ground below.