I like seeing hybrid items, many countries have them, where an introduced food item becomes so popular that the locals eat it themselves, amending the flavours to suit the local palate. Sometimes these food items are overlooked by me, dismissed as an item aimed at appeasing the western palate, when frequently available in local places these hybrids are clearly to be enjoyed by all.

p1060161Masala cheese toastie

A simple premise indeed, a cheese toastie spiced up with the simple addition of masala (gravy/sauce) spices. I have seen two versions, one with dry spice, one with concentrated sauce paste used. Both delicious


20161129_194824Indianised pizza

Tomato sauce on a pizza is swapped out for tikka paste or masala gravy/sauce giving the pizza an almost instantaneous Indian twist, a few locally popular ingredients, like paneer, lime pickle or chutney and the transformation is complete. A softer flavoured cheese is good here, as something too bite-y may conflict heavily



What is not to like or understand here, it’s a strong, highly spiced masala chai tea that is well sweetened is topped with a thick milk foam. A lot of this drink depends on the quality of the chai, made with a properly boiled cup of chai this is amazing, made with powdered instant chai it’ll be ok.

White chocolate chai

The same great quality boiled masala chai tea, rich with ginger, cinnamon and cardamom is sweetened with white chocolate rather than sugar. The heavy tea tannins soothed out by the milky white chocolate.