This is the quintessentially Rajasthani street snack, by far the most common fried item seen street side. The thick crisp deep brown pastry is delightfully blistered and is crunchy to the fingertips.

Kachori are more common here than samosas or pakoras, these blistered crisp pastry encrusted snacks would be great with a beer, if one could be found.

20161130_112330Often filled, usually scantly, with chilli laden potato with cumin and fenugreek as the dominant spices. Obviously various other fillings could be used, anything that would be used to stuff a paratha, or any other vegetable curry or cooked vegetable mix.

Once ordered a simple chutney of herb, cumin and yoghurt is often poured inside, the crisp shell punctured with the vendors thumb to create an opening. I try not to think too much about where the vendors thumb has been, when it, or his hand were last washed, I do make sure when I’m ordering fried street side items that they come fresh out of the oil and are too hot for any bacteria to survive.

The toe curling sweetness of the sweet Kachori, is something to experience, slightly spiced with cardamom inside, they are punctured and steeped in sugar syrup, the still crisp pastry drips with the syrup as you lift a piece from the pool it’s swimming in. You need to eat these sticky things near a water source or at least with wet wipes handy, the consequence of eating them street side are quite obvious.