More Street Eats

20161205_055109Train samosas

With an early morning train journey robbing me of a chance at getting my beauty sleep and any obvious choice for breakfast a railway platform selection is a sad but inevitable choice. Sure the chai is strong, teeth shatteringly sweet and readily available in tiny little cups that burn the fingertips before I burn my mouth, there are packet cakes and biscuits to wash it down and to take with me. But man shouldn’t live on cake and chai alone.

Having seen the samosas freshly delivered to the stall, I assume they will be as safe now as they will ever be, they were roasting hot, and once they finally stopped burning my fingers I broke them open to allow the magma like potato and lentil filling inside to cool, so it could just be this well spiced filling that would warm my mouth a little too much.

Lentil turnover

20161204_154415I’ve seen these compelling flaky pastry items around, but always thought twice about the location and cleanliness of the vendor before choosing not to order. This guy looked alright.

He gave the warm flaky pastry a few extra additions before it was sold, opening the turnover up to add some chopped red onion a sprinkling of spice mix and a heap of fried vermicelli before folding it closed one more. The rice vermicelli spilling onto the pavement due to a little overstuffing and some overzealous biting on my part, it was really good, the crisp pastry and the lentil goo rich with cumin and garlic were in good proportion, the tangy spice mix giving each bite a burst of intensity.