Street Eats

Jaipur has a pretty good collection of street food sellers, with a procession of locals the food had a good turn over in food. I really enjoyed finally having street food vendors I trusted enough to eat with.

Channa and bread

p1060072With a large concave skillets, reminiscent of a paella pan bubbling away with a chickpea concoction and multiple stacks of a pale white yeasted flat bread, these guys where geared up to sell a fair amount of food. I worked on the assumption that here in India you’d not make this much food unless you are confident you’d sell it all.

The soft chickpeas had a kick that made the inside of my ears tingle a little, flavoursome too, with crunchy onion and a sweet finish, steeping the bread in to liquor and grasping at the chickpeas this made a good early evening snack.

Just around the corner from my guest house, the vendors weren’t here earlier in the afternoon, so the food is likely fresh too! Good times!

20161202_144536Daal and bread

A day spent block printing gave an opportunity to eat something truly local, the same meals that the factory workers ate, a simple, pure vegetarian meal That consists of a spicy lentil daal, wood fired flat breads and some of the extra salty lime relish, some small red onions, a green chilli and some lime were there if desired.


Potato cake with sweet tamarind and coriander sauces

20161203_164205These concave skillets are the street food traders griddle of choice, a heavy steel hold a great heat, with a cool edge for hot holding and dipped centre so no ghee is wasted they are very useful.The crisp potato cakes look like a great opportunity, nestled around the edges of the skillet. Coated with a sweet tamarind sauce a green salsa, some coriander, onion and chilli flakes this was going to be tasty.With a small wooden spoon and perched nearby some parked motorcycles I got a few looks from locals as I tucked into the potatoes. Perhaps they heard the crunch as I bit down, they were just so crispy.

I couldn’t pass up the pakora balls as well, with some more of that sharp green salsa!