Small street food items have the benefit of not filling an appetite completely, it is often in my interests to not have too many complete meals, so I can continue my research into Indian sweet shops.

I’ve made a little headway into the large, but not overwhelming range of Indian sweets and feel the research is on the right track. I have noticed cardamom, saffron and tooth numbing levels of sugar seem to be a repeated theme. Texturally there are fudge like items, crispy pastry, steeped biscuits, soaked dumplings, dry crumbly items and plenty of silver leaf used as decoration.

p1060487While in Jodhpur I was lucky to be able to order from a menu, so for once could record what I ordered.

Gund paak – this unattractive pudding is essentially breadcrumbs fried in butter, with sticky sugar and pressed with rock sugar. Remarkably tasty, although due to the pool of grease left in the bowl this is obviously very bad for me.

p1060558Gulab jamun – I love these syrup soaked balls of goo, part of the reason my research into the sweets hasn’t gone so well is that I often fail to pass up an opportunity to try another version

Makhaniya lassi – The sweet lassi are very sweet indeed, there was a strong taste of saffron and a hint of cardamom in this.