I never gelled with Jodhpur, the street food looked alright, the everyday locals were quite nice and the bank machines worked, yet something here irked me, I couldn’t quite put my finger on why, perhaps just a lack of sleep.

The shop touts are a bit more dick-ish, overly friendly bordering on sarcastic leaving me feeling cajoled not compelled, even the local stalls selling curious things were more off putting than intriguing.

20161205_174641The main square with its large clock tower and local market should be nice, the large cobbles slowing the meagre traffic to a walking pace, making pedestrian negotiation simple. I never expected it clean, this is India, yet I find the volume of litter underfoot unnerving, this dusty main square, shit splattered and litter strewn was nothing unfamiliar the smell isn’t either, yet I couldn’t see the diamond underneath.

The narrow shop lined streets were relatively easy to navigate, the traffic tolerable, and quite photogenic in parts, with push carts laden with coconuts, the omnipresent cattle and interestingly attired people a plenty, the buildings customarily ramshackle. Sure it smells a bit, but most places in India do, there was nothing remarkably offensive, just not enough for me to like.

I’m hoping with the rose tinted glasses of time Jodhpur will improve in my memory.

Milling around inside Jodhpurs ancient fort I experienced possibly the most peaceful place in India of this trip, even the honking was inaudible. Overlooking the gardens with my feet dangling from the parapet, birds chirping in the fruit trees below, the large stone walls enclosing the gardens kept away most outside sounds. Across the wide courtyard a few stone masons cajoled a donkey into shifting their stones a little further, but even they were too far to audibly disturb me, I did quite enjoy watching the to and fro relationship between these players, the men winning but having to work hard to do so.

I really did enjoy zip lining from the fortified walls, an excellent activity indeed! Gliding around the fortified back yard of the massive fort was an awesome experience. Exhilarating even. The massive palatial fort creating an amazing back drop as I soared from turret to turret in a harness, careening through the air on high tensile wire hundreds of feet above the ground. The dry rocky ground and the doubly fortified reservoir whirring through my mind as the spin of my body had me surrendering navigational control to the wire above.