The streets of Jodhpur offered some interesting food, much of it incredibly convenient, enough to stave off a mild hunger, I thought each worth an attempt. I’m not sure if my less than enthusiastic feeling about Jodhpur had me reaching for the more familiar foods? but all of the items I tried were slightly hybridised sandwiches, with either completely Indian filing or with a twist.

p1060486Masala butter omelette sandwich – Sure, omelette with bread, a fairly safe option, and nothing wrong with that. A bit of a Jodhpur street food institution this guy has been serving them for over 30 years from his small shop near the main square. He sure did make a good sandwich, the super soft European style bread, literally dripping with garam masala butter, poured over the onion and tomato studded omelette after it had been with this flavoursome butter, giving a great rich flavour to the eggs.

p1060468Toasted spiced potato, pea and pumpkin sandwich with chutney – This toasted sandwich was surprisingly good, and delivered exactly what the menu stated it would. The lightly curried vegetables were soft and tender, not quite mashed, but softened for sure. The sour and sharp pickle making a surprisingly good sandwich, if lacking in mouth feel somewhat.

p1060469Aloo tiki pao – Possibly the most boring looking sandwich I have ever seen, essentially a fried potato pattie on a white bap, with no adornment whatsoever. The ball shaped potato pattie hid a spiced chickpea filling, sweet and a little zingy, making the sandwich quite good, I couldn’t help but think a little relish or chutney would be a simple improvement.