Kofta, korma, kebab

Rooftop restaurants are very common in Udaipur, a variation upon the lake view available from each, the further from the shore the higher the rooftop as each seeks to outdo the elevation of another. There are a few water side restaurants, obviously with less view, but also less effort, and less distance to go down if you don’t like the restaurant space. It’s impossible to avoid multi cuisine restaurants, those that deliver what many tourists want, Continental, Chinese, Korean, Israeli and local. Luckily most delivered some excellent Indian fare.

p1060551Nargisi kofta –I ordered this dish as I had no idea what it would be, the menu description reads: Deep fried mashed potato and dried fruit balls with mild tomato gravy finished with paneer and cream. Well if that doesn’t sound intriguing I don’t know what does? The delicious dish that appeared was not what I expected, with one large tennis ball sized potato dumping coated in a creamy red sauce. The potato dumpling held a sweet, gingery, coconut and dried fruit concoction in its centre. The tangy gravy was rich, with a good chilli bite, the grated paneer thickening the sauce to a dollop consistency.

p1060550Lal boti kebab – This spiced boneless lamb (I suspect goat) in a yoghurt and chilli marinade cooked in the tandoor was delicious with a chili punch. The kind of chilli punch that makes the inside of your ears tingle as you take the first bite, the heat settles as a faint sweat on the brow but didn’t quite have me calling out for Lassi. The tender meat had been cooked for some time, and although not dry it was not juicy in the way a short cookery time would result in. Served with a green yoghurt sauce, that itself a great tang and hint of cumin and some garlicky naan to rip and pick the meat up with to make a delicious meal.

p1060503Navritan korma – I was intrigued with this, the menu read: mixed vegetables and fruits in a creamy white gravy. Now I know what a korma is, but was surprised that this version contained crisp vegetables, dried fruit and apple all bound in the customary gentle cashew laden korma sauce. The only zing coming for a finish of fresh ginger puree rather than any chilli. A little rice and a potato stuffed paratha made this a spice free meal.