I’d like to say Udaipur was entirely tranquil, I can confidently say Udaipur is a nice place to visit. My digs (accommodation) were a bit spartan and too close to the mosque to be relaxing, with the mornings call to prayer ear shatteringly loud inside my room just before dawn, I spent much of my time here sleep deprived.

20161208_172911As a whole Udaipur is great, with a mish mash of narrow lanes linking the lakeside part of town together. Amongst these lanes and roads of the city’s historical centre there are a finite amount of things to see and do. The banks of lake Pichola house many of them, the gently lapping water of the lake reflects ancient palaces, ghats and a few temples close to the waters edge, a few islands in the lake house yet more splendid palaces. This ancient man made lake sparkles in the setting sun, and shimmers during the day, providing a wonderful backdrop for the city.

p1060632Visiting the palaces are one of the activities to enjoy in Udaipur, the main palace complex in town explains the history of the region, it’s influence in Rajasthan and it’s role during colonial times in a limited detail. Mostly the palace visit is to see its rich ornamentation and embellishments added by successive generations, the eclectic touches of the last ruler to live on site were curious indeed. One of the highlights of the palace was the many miniature paintings on display in the palace, this distinctive art style is prevalent here and show a detail and beauty that is befitting and quintessentially Indian, and typical of Udaipur.

I really did enjoy my time in Udaipur, the great sunsets p1060512over the lake, are available from many vantages, and although it was tricky to find alcohol some of the time, the sundowner cocktails hit their mark. As the sun fades behind the distant hills the amber sky shadows the valleys, each in turn they darken before the night claims the hilltops, the monsoon palace far in the distance the only light hovering among the hill tops.

Udaipur is very nice, for India, with tranquil places that can be found and enjoyed quite easily.