On the hoof

I like seeing a city at slow place, where time can be taken to stop, observe and pause, simply put I love walking around new places. The sights, sounds and smells are fresher, crisper and more enjoyable as you earn the right to experience them, I feel more connected to a sight and location if I have seen the surrounding areas somewhat, rather than just leaping from a mode of transport. Clicking of a few pics and speeding away again, this does have its merits, in the right locale, but central Deli isn’t that locale for me.

p1060729Central Delhi was not that difficult to explore by foot, sure the auto rickshaws constantly slowed and offered their services, but largely I was left to myself. Some of the locals hung their gaze for a while, I thought the staring to be fair, tourists walking through some of these areas probably doesn’t get done that often. I certainly didn’t feel any malice or intimidation directed towards me, just curiosity and some wonderment. In a country when only the poorest walk, tourists must seem quite eccentric with their desire to walk so often.

My route started on this particular day with the Victorian era Connaught place, heading towards Chawri market through the Kamla market district. With a detour around the mosque for lunch, a quick view of the red forts exterior and a trip along Chowri market to round of the excursion just before dark.

p1060730This route delivered a fairly interesting vista of Delhi, from the wide open spaces and rather European buildings of Connaught place, the wide roads ending at the rather functional Kamla market, where the narrow, traffic thronged, laneway riddles Chawri market began, selling predominantly wedding related paraphernalia and various light machinery. The population and orientation becoming decidedly more Islamic the closer the mosque came, a welcome change to the boring machines and envelopes. I didn’t delve too far down the lanes, I didn’t feel there was enough of interest to me to warrant that, not until I got closer to the mosque and needed lunch.

Not wanting to exhaust myself I kept the sight seeing to a minimum, I avoided the fort, as I’ve seen Agra’s. and wandered down Chawri market towards the metro stop, the cloth strewn lanes once more not offering enough of an interest to me, besides it is getting dark, my dogs are barking, and the area near the metro was quite dodgy.