The Murghal connection

The meal I ate near the mosque was no mistake, not a chance occurrence to have something delicious, the restaurant I chose inhabits 4 shops of a hidden laneway courtyard of this densely populated market area, the open air kitchen is very busy, with a compelling hive of activity all around.

The restaurant was started by a former cook of the Delhi royal court, now in the fourth generation the restaurant is still serving the same royal quality meals it has been for many years. The limited menu, for India, has many appealing items, a finite list of strongly protected family secret recipes, handed down through generations. It’s busy! And it should be. I’ve had my fill of wet curry type dishes, and am saving biryani for Hyderabad, so a kebab type dish will serve well.

Chicken burra & Mutton burra

Both quite similar to each other, marinated bone in cuts of meat, skewered and cooked in a tandoor, their delightfully charred exterior complete with pockets of condensed and flavoursome marinade. Thin slices of onion and a little lime to squeeze on if desired made for a good experience and an awesome change to the wet dishes I’ve been consuming.

p1060748Sheermal – an incredibly different type of bread, with a dense, almost cake like texture, a bit like a thin cake when you forget to include the raising agent. Sweet to taste, glazed and cross hatched scored I find it difficult to describe this bread adequately, tasty for sure, but not like anything I’ve had before.

The benefit of a food focused area, and a lunch that was not too filling, is the chance to be a little gluttonous. In this instance a couple of sweets, buggered if I know what they are called, but I don’t care either.

Flavoured with a little cinnamon and cardamom this dessert was reminiscent of the Gund Pak I tried in Jodhpur. In so much that it is a sweetened fried breadcrumb dish, steeped in a flavoured syrup. This was topped with thickened cream and pomegranate seeds.

The cute little ceramic cups caught my eye, filled with what looked like a set custard, I was delighted to find that it was, a little grainy I don’t think this was set by egg, perhaps a flour of some kind? Semolina or millet perhaps?