Part of the problem of eating in any unknown locale is the risk of a bad meal, with a finite amount of appetites and a limited time, a lost meal is an unavoidable and sorry affair. Weighing up the odds, the pros and cons between effort made and reward gained, sometimes a lowered expectation and less effort turns out to be the most rewarding. These gems, eaten at a multi cuisine, bar / restaurant just around the corner from the hotel are a very good example of this.

20161212_195627Aloo dinaaz- In Udaipur I came across tandoori roasted stuffed potato barrels, they were excellent, I kinda wanted to see that they weren’t a one off, so when the option to try: sesame crusted potato barrels, stuffed with home made chicken stuffing, roasted. I leapt at the chance to give these a go.

Rogan josh Kashmiri – Rogan josh is one of my favourite curries and I am amazed it has taken my this long to have. Not expecting much from the restaurant / bar / nightclub venue I thought a perennial favourite done poorly would still be acceptable. I must confess this was the best Rogan Josh of my life, with robust fennel and ginger flavours a deep red colour and for tender, fall of the bone tender mutton(goat) I was in a delightfully happy place.

Lachedar paratha- I keep writing about the delicious layered parathas, every time I have another excellent version I think it’s worthy to note. Equally I’ve had many excellent naan bread, yet I don’t find them as surprisingly noteworthy.