Delhi is understood to be a bit different to the rest of India, with a hip young element all happy to get out and about, to flash the cash, and to have a good time. This social demographic results in some very funky spaces, where a modern Indian design element is paired with the hipster-esque vibe available in many western cities. Some of these places are indeed interesting, fun places to hang out and to enjoy a drink or two.

The food offered was once again an enormous menu, with a few significant differences to the norm, yes it was quite multi cuisine but with the majority of dishes receiving a modern design element to the items, resulting in pages of appeal food options, many twisted to suit a local flavour. I found the menu so interesting that I have nabbed a copy, an interesting read to be had in the future.

Obviously I tested the wares…

p1060882I can openly say that I love dal makhani, this firm textured lentil finished with a rich tomato and spice laden gravy, finished with a little cream. With some fresh warm bread to soak up that awesome sauce, this is proper comfort food, a bit like the best ever beans with toast.

The walnut sized dime parathas came laden with three different flavours of pulled curried meats. A little too much to slam the whole piece in your mouth at once, and still retain any degree of p1060886elegance. The flavour punch meats, all different enough to distinguish and the chewy bread made a great bar snack.

The chicken tikka pita, with fresh apple chutney was great, the soft bread (more like a steamed bao roll than a pita) filled with boneless and punchy ripped chicken. The sweet and tart apple chutney on the side to add as desired made an excellent addition.