Earning a thirst

Beer is a tricky thing in India, not only because of the very limited range available. In a few locations a few isolated local brews are available, otherwise Kingfisher, the national brew is the only option with 5 varieties of lager. Some of the states are attempting to become dry states where alcohol sales are either non-existent or incredibly limited.

Luckily for me beer is available here in Mysuru, albeit in limited venues, there is nothing that for me quenches a thirst after a few thousand steps on a warm and humid day quit like a cold beer. There is some really good food here to eat with a beer.

p1070102Keema scotched egg- Keema is a spiced mince lamb dish, often fortified with liver, made well it is a tasty meal, bound with some flour and turned into a scotched egg it can be truly excellent. Freshly prepared and piping hot this rugby ball shaped scotched egg was tangy, spicy and very tasty.

p1070107Peshawari kebab – Chunks of boneless chicken marinated with yoghurt, garlic, ginger and chilli, threaded onto a long skewer, fired, blistered and roasted in a coal fired Tandoor oven. Yeah I can rock that, some coconut stuffed kulcha to wrap it in and yoghurt dip to slather. Yes indeed.

The thousand or so steps I mention led to an interesting hilltop temple, just a few kilometres out of town. A motor rickshaw helped with the first few kilometres and my slow ascent up the colourfully marked steps lead me through some monkey laden forest. The hilltop path began to render some nice vantages over the surrounding countryside, the step form part of a Hindi pilgrimage, hence the colourful markings on the steps, it also meant that along the way a few Hindi pilgrimage points could be seen and appreciated for the aesthetic they provided.

Another way I have enjoyed Mysuru was reading the shop signs, most still refer to the city by its colonial name Mysore. The name was changed back to the actual, precolonial, name just a few years ago, many of the businesses have been here for a while. I really was looking out for a shop selling nuts, or any other amusing name that would read as “my sore” … I was kept amused for a while, slightly disappointed and lacking in comedy gold shop signs.