20161227_103723Calungute is a coastal tourist town, predominantly low rise, with all the amenities, and pitfalls of, a coastal tourist town. Think late night bars, tourist shops, and touts Situated in the central point of a long sandy beach, with Candolim and Baga townships at either end of the bay, with a small river mouth in Baga a 30 minute walk away along clean beaches and nicer hotels nearer Candolim 2 hours along the same beach.


The beach side dining is plentiful, courtesy of a the plethora of beach shacks, these shacks line almost the entire beach, offering beach chairs, umbrellas, food and drinks. With the concentration of beach chairs, shacks and guests thicker the closer you are to the 3 coastal towns. A little walk along the beach a more relaxing experience can be found with emptier beaches and shacks with less sun loungers giving a more spacious outlook over the wide beaches the gentle waves a good distance from the shacks. The shrill screams from the predominantly Indian swimming clusters were surprising, considering the majority of revellers are men. An interesting and entertaining cultural development to watch.

p1070142For those staying here for longer than I could ever plan to, the beach side activities offered, besides lazing around and drinking, included mostly water based activities, fishing, jet skis, banana boats and jet boats.

Getting between the towns was fairly simple, with a road running parallel to the beach, serviced by taxis, motor rickshaws and local buses. The coconut palm laden roadside is fairly well populated with all the trappings of the tourist towns, just spaced a little thinner, a few Hindi temples and Catholic churches and shrines are littered about, adding a suitable local culture and flair that my otherwise be missing.