dsc02386Agonda is perhaps my favourite beach from this Goan break, smaller than Callungute with rocky headlands flanking the small bay, it took perhaps an hour to walk from one to the other. Behind the initial row of beach shacks and small sympathetic low rise resorts was a small row of shops, providing goods and services to the guests staying nearby, and nothing else. Just waterways, and a wide valley strewn with palms, and tropical plants. It was serene much of the time, with little or no traffic noise, very low level of music and wide open beaches.

Walking the sandy beaches it was still strange to come across beach cows, I’d seen them everywhere already but when they laze around in large herds it’s quite surreal, the p1070251hoof prints in the sand strangely more confronting and unbelievable than seeing the actual cows.

The Yogi’s on the beach enjoying the tranquillity, the swimmers and sun bathers interspersed along the golden sands, each able to find the space they required. The joggers ran along the hard packed sand near the waters edge, and the kids played just within earshot and view of their parents. Locals and tourists alike joined in each other’s ball games, everyone here seemed to be having a good time. Even me, perched in the shade drinking the occasional cocktail, feet up dripping sand onto the seat, relishing the fact that there is nothing else for me to do here.