Fat, lazy days

In Agonda I sat and enjoyed my breakfast each day at the hotel restaurant, a fact greatly enhanced by its hillside elevation, back from the beach and nestled in the small hills overlooking the right hand side of the beach. With a view out over the small river, the golden sands changing as the tides came in and out, the small boats often bobbing upon it.

From the Indian style scrambled eggs, rich with masala spices, coriander, chilli and red onion. To Nutella, banana and honey pancakes, fluffy and light, who could resist? Dal fry with roti was another local style meal, though I don’t think typically Goan, more reminiscent of North India. Each accompanied by some more chai, I must confess the sweet milk tea is good, and I drink quite a bit of it, increasing my sugar intake quickly.

The food offer in the hotel was quite good, and for those days where you just sit and enjoy the view, reading perhaps, or in my instance, typing. I can’t say I ate all that much food there, besides breakfast, some of the food worthy of note included.

Okra fries – shredded, floured and fried, I had expected longer and larger pieces, but must confess the shoestring size fries were very tasty served with some riata, and some chilli sauce, on reflection I think the chilli sauce was simply Goan masala.

Fish nuggets – Simple in premise, nugget sized pieces of fish, crumbed and fried, I like the premise, but didn’t really contemplate where I was when I ordered them. They were so much better than I had considered, the fish was tossed in a citrus flavoured curry seasoning. Then crumbed with a crunchy cumin laced breadcrumb. I loved the spiced tomato mayo that came with it.

Bombay potatoes and roti – An easy meal of double starch, simple spiced potatoes with some whole spices and some thin flat roti. Really simple, really tasty and a great easy lunch.