20170101_155122I’m not the biggest fan of beaches, but surprised myself in Calangute with how ok I was with being at the beach, it’s the level of development and concentration of people near the beach, too much of either ruins the experience for me. But I do like amenities at the beach, shade, recliners, cocktails and wifi, all good additions to a day at the beach, along with a reasonably quiet ambience.

20161229_145354I was expecting to not like Mandrem much, well to be fair to Mandrem, I expected not to like the Yoga retreat much. I’m not a spiritual guy and was expecting to come across a greater aspect or influence of this yoga spirituality in the retreat. I was glad that everything there was on a sign up basis, so I could try a little, then move on. Although I found the spiritual aspect of Yoga to be irritating, I actively liked the physicality, and relaxation element of it.

The setting was lovely set behind the sand dunes with a meandering stream just outside my rustic bamboo cottage, the grounds, well landscaped and full of tropical plants, pretty statues and garlands of p1070224flowers. I was fearful of a lot of hippy shit, but no, tastefully executed and enjoy-able spaces all around the facility.

Food here was all part of the package, tasty and interesting vegetarian food, with seafood twice a week. It was fairly safe spice wise, with additional chillies and seasonings available for those who wanted it. With chai masala on tap, fresh fruit at breakfast, clean filtered water on tap it was a good food experience, one that I didn’t record, it just wasn’t all that compelling.