Nom nom nom

Mumbai is a place where my limited number of appetites become a problem, I’m never going to be able to eat all I want to. Like most cities there is food everywhere, on the streets and in trendy bars, classic cafes and or course there are more restaurants here than you could visit in a month of Sundays.

p1070396There are places in Mumbai that have created businesses with the youth market in mind, for people that love the flavours but want to have them presented in a different way, in the interest of an alternative view I gave some of these places a go. I faced a problem with menus due to the degree of assumed knowledge required, knowing about the inspiration dishes the menu is created from would be very handy, with little, if any description about the modern amendments listed. I bumbled through as best I could but really made a selection by eliminating things I understood, eventually I had an idea of what I might like to try.

p1070341Neer dosa suka roll, with chicken – I assumed this would be a variation of the usually crisp rice and lentil breakfast pancake. I’m nt sure if the batter was the same but the steamed pancake was reminiscent of an oriental steamed rice pancake filled with a spiced and crumbly minced chicken filling, a little tricky to eat, but delicious.

Mutton missal, rice roti, maska pav – This dish lost and compelled me at the menu stage, but regained me again once I starting eating it. Served in a three tier tiffin with an accompanying bowl to eat it from. The mutton missal is a curry, with greatly flavoursome tender meat and thin fully flavoured broth. The rice roti is various shapes of fried rice pastry, crispy and a little salty. The maska pav, simply warm buttered rolls. Eating was quite fun, with an incremental approach needed so the missal didn’t make the rice roti go soggy, the bread brilliant at soaking up the flavoursome broth that remained before taking some more of each from the tiffin.

Eating on the streets was easy, with a huge lunchtime rush and a surge again after 5pm the turnover of food, cleanliness of stalls and general feeling made this a positive experience. There is the classic street food selection that I’ve seen elsewhere in India, pakoras, samosas etc… And a few especially available in Mumbai, mostly I just gabbed something occasionally, meaning whatever was nearby when hunger was present.

p1070422Pav bhaji – Is a Mumbai classic, a spiced battered potato cake served in a buttered pav bun, the green chilli chutney added to the roll delivering a wicked chilli hit. This impromptu looking stall sold just this, it was tasty, really cheap and very filling.

p1070390Tikka nawabi pizza – Street side electric pizza ovens where not something I expected to see in Mumbai, yet easily accessible and quick to make these snack sized pizza made a good quick bite.

20170109_174135Toasted vegetarian sandwich with cheese and chill – A triple decker sandwich with almost everything in it, potato, beetroot, tomato, cucumber, loads of cheese, onion, and green chilli chutney too. Toasted in perhaps the slowest sandwich press ever, when it was eventually ready it was topped with more grated cheese.