Pure veg power load

The retreat in Munnar was great, it included a daily changing offer for breakfast and dinner so there was lots of varied food to try, simply order what you want from the pure vegetarian menu and you could get it.

The three nights I stayed gave me a great opportunity to try many vegetarian dishes, some were completely new. I enjoyed almost all of them. Here they all are…


Potato cheese roll – Large potato croquette with spring onion, cheese and chilli mixed in

Potato chat – Green chutney, sour and sweet tamarind, raw onion

Potato vada – like the filling for Pav Bhaji, a spiced potato fritter


20170115_194912Avial – didn’t like this one, wasn’t sure what it was about

Banana pullisany – green bananas in molee style coconut gravy

Coconut rice – not really coconut-ty, but kinda good with crunchy cumin seeds

Plain paratha


20170116_194120Pumpkin evusseny – grated coconut, onion, cubes of pumpkin, a dry curry

Cholle masala – chickpeas in tomato and cumin North Indian style gravy

Peas pulao – obviously peas, also with cloves, cumin seeds and red chilli

Onion paratha

20170117_200707Pumpkin and bean – a Keralan spiced dry curry with plenty of green chilli, clove and cinnamon

Palak paneer – spinach with whole spices, cinnamon, clove, pepper, cardamom,

Fulka chapatti – this is thin and quite large

Gobi paratha – gobi = cauliflower


Rava kheer – soft spongy, dry-ish mouth feel, syrup soaked

Rava halwa – like warmed fried breadcrumbs moistened with sugar syrup, studded with dried fruit and nuts

Gulab jamun – I love these