p1070401India provides some excellent vegetarian meals, with an enormous part of the society vegetarian, or pure vegetarian (without eggs) it should be no surprise. Veganism isn’t so popular here and I imagine to be even more difficult here than anywhere else, with ghee, curd (yoghurt) and paneer entwined within pure vegetarian cookery.

I don’t like paneer so much, I’ll eat it and will enjoy what it is flavoured with, p1070403if that thing is good. Dining in this pure vegetarian Gujarati restaurant paneer was a stalwart of the menu, although many other tasty things where present too.

Hariyali pav bhaji – A variation on the famous Mumbai street snack Pav Bhaji, this time the soft buttered roll was filled with spinach puree and fried rice vermicelli. Tasty but not brilliantly executed the filling splurting out with p1070405every delicious bite.

Honey pumpkin kulcha with garlic dip – This honey and pumpkin seed glazed sweet bread was really good, the crisp bread, sticky with honey. The yoghurt based garlic sauce a good balance between garlic pungency and yoghurt tang.

Gujarati kadhi arancini – A variation on the classic Italian rice balls, kadhi p1070408being one of the more popular Gujarati rice dishes. The crispy, surprisingly paneer free, rice balls were served with crisp papadums, two kinds or chutney and a few leaves in a dish that was almost contemporary in its presentation.

Dal makhani with latcha paratha – I love Dal makhani, I have said it before, it’s great! The black lentils, rich masala and along with some crispy, buttery paratha, heaven, I assume this is the Indian equivalent of chicken soup.

p1070412Gulab jamun cheesecake – Indian sweet shops hold a fascination for me, and for me gulab jamun are the king of the shop. So how could I pass up the opportunity to try this? I wish I had, in my mind it was a light fluffy set cheesecake, sympathetically spiced with balls of gooey gulab. In reality a baked cheesecake, so cheesy, with hard overcooked gulabs within, oh well, sometimes you lose.