p1080100So far Malaysia has served very well as a post India holiday, Georgetown has exceeded all expectations and I have hoped for a relaxing time in Langkawi. The setting couldn’t be better Langkawi is a tropical island paradise surrounded by the warm waters of the Andaman sea, my hotel was a short-ish walk from Cenang town and beach.

I love the hotel, it’s unique, it’s not a hotel per se, but a collection of colonial era buildings from around Malaysia that have been saved and relocated to Langkawi. Full of character, colonial design feature and history, with several different buildings spread across the spacious site, it’s really cool with plenty of trees and tropical foliage, it feels secluded and relaxing.20170124_170116

20170126_110949Langkawi is a beautiful tropical island where it rains on me, every single day. I don’t mind so much, the rain is quelling my desire to explore the rainforests and mountain tops that make Langkawi so pretty, I’m not one for sun bathing so the beaches aren’t ruined for me, just sodden. Breaks in the weather, offer great chances to explore some of the further flung beaches, to kick the sand beneath my toes and to make me feel like I have eared the cocktail that fills my glass at one or the other beach side bars.

The walk to the beach from the hotel is lovely too, past rice laden fields, the water buffalo would be frolicking if water buffalo frolicked, there are palm trees and mango trees, small crystal clear streams and white birds striking against the green hues.