Australia and New Zealand

New Zealand and Australia have both been my home at various stages during my life and I find very hard to view many of the places within as exciting destinations to travel to. Especially considering the paces I frequent when I am down under, I visit family and friends in Australia and New Zealand, it’s all terribly suburban.
20170316_122913Although I find myself in places exotic to many, they are more mundane, familiar, to me. For me these place are not places to explore, or to write about, but places to live, and to reconnect with the people in my life I have not seen for some time.
That’s not to say there aren’t noteworthy experience to be had, it’s just that trip research will take priority over experience recording, I am not as compelled to record suburban experiences with the veracity I have while travelling.
There is a lot of planning to be done while based in Sydney, my partner and I need to research, plan and book the next leg of our international adventures. We also need to rest, recover and re-energise in readiness for the next leg.

I’ll be visiting 3 major places in the antipodes while visiting friends and family.

Melbourne is a compelling location for the gastrophile, with a compelling café culture, great brunches, and interesting hole in the wall venues. It’s an easy to walk city complemented by a tram and train network, easy to get around. With plenty of intentional and welcome street art.

Sydney excels at specific cultural food types, but has a much more homogenous European food offering, especially at the lower prices. My budget hasn’t enabled me to spend at the higher end of the market. There are some great beaches, interesting walks and of course, the bridge and opera house

New Zealand this short visit consisted of a trip to Wellington, the small and well formed capital nestled at the base of the North Island, and Rotorua, the thermal wonderland just north of Taupo. Besides seeing my family, my only objectives are to have a good kiwi meat pie, and to drink some L&P. The miles of farm land between the two locations will see me right for quintessential NZ scenery.

Ideally I would have liked to include a few posts about the gastronomic highlights experienced in each place, but time, and research got the better of me. I’m already in Japan… It’s so cool!