With so much to see and so much great food available the most obvious thing for me is to eat on the hoof, to pause and grab snacks when they look compelling, things so often do.

20170327_145336I guess the thing would be to start at the beginning, around Asakusa with the great shopping and interesting temples there is much to eat, especially at this time of year when the Sakura encourage a party atmosphere and food stalls are often set up near temples.

The selection was pretty good, some surprising, others routine. I tried a few things, Teriyaki glazed pork and glutinous rice stick was my first. It was really good, the disturbingly hot rice wrapped in a wafer thin layer of pork, charred over flame to add a light smoky flavour to the sticky sauce.

Then I came across the fried chicken, I couldn’t pass that up, the crispy tender chicken was lightly marinated at had a slightly cheesy flavour, the small cup was a couple of quid, just enough for a quick snack on a cold day.

P1080433Obviously the time spent wandering near the fish market with all that ready to eat wonderment available resulted in a snack or two, as well as the sushi breakfast. I struggle to pass up mochi at any point, the filled glutinous rice ball sweets are a weakness of mine, stuff them with custard cream and top them with a strawberry and I am unable to refuse.

The sushi was delicious, and quite filling, but as we left the fish market we happened to pass an older couple manning a stall, I couldn’t pass that up. If they sill gave half a shit about what the served this was going to be really tasty. It was, I bought a Poached pork skewer drizzled with Japanese chili pepper, I’m sure the poaching liquor was more complex than it sounds, cause that pork was damned fine.

The food courts I came across in Tokyo are fairly epic, hidden in the bottom of malls, or quite close to train stations. They were great places to try things out, to look at the food that people buy to eat, and give as gifts. I think I’ll come back to the food as gifts at another stage when I have completed some more research, all I did in Tokyo was gawk at the packaging and the amazing wrapping. Then I tottled of to the food sections to grab a bite, after 17:30 there are some specials if you can wait that long.

P1080290Pork steamed dumplings were just such a special, I think the came about half price, hot and juicy they were awesome, a great pre dinner snack. Well at least something savoury before I knuckled into some Sakura cheesecake, I’m not sure what made it Sakura, but the cherry blossom theme is pushed quite hard, ordinarily I don’t like cheesecake that much but a small bite of Tokyo cheesecake as a sample was amazing, I wish I had ordered that. Oh well the Sakura version was still very good.

I suppose the Cream brulee doughnut, eggtart doughnut and Sakura doughnut could also be classed as things from food courts, these were gleaned nearby train stations. As were the Cream puffs, both the chocolate and red bean and the cream custard ring. All excellent indeed.