Sometimes you select a restaurant by location, after failing to get into the yakitori place of my dreams, I had an unfulfilled desire for grilled chicken on sticks. The restaurant I sated this Yakitori craving wasn’t far away and seemed authentic enough, it’s not a classy place but it was welcoming, full of Japanese and quite cheap. Choosing to pick a selection of yakitori items from a menu that extended deep into the Japanese culinary repitoire was fairly easy, with the picture menu also having English translation.

The chunky mugs of umeshu came first followed by a constant stream of things on/ and not on sticks, the service style reminiscent of Spanish tapas, when the food comes when it’s ready, I like small items served this way rather than all at once, it minimises hot items from cooling too quickly before I eat them. It wasn’t a huge meal but included:

Fresh cabbage drizzled with sesame oil and topped with shredded salted kelp
Assorted pickles
Liver skewer
Chicken skin dumpling skewer
Shiitake skewer meat stuffing
Deep fried chicken dipped in sugared vinegar

By far the star of the show was the chicken skin dumpling, a dish I most definitely steal and appropriate to my own needs in the future. The close runners up were the fried chicken and the stuffed shiitake.

The salty and sweet pickles deliver a great crisp bite and are a great palate cleanser. The “free” cabbage is really tasty, and justifies the cover charge, the fresh vegetable was very welcome indeed.