Shima ga taberu

With so many takeaway stalls available in Itsukushima town I was in grazing heaven when wandering around exploring the nooks and crannies of this pretty little town.

There were loads on manju cakes around town, all made with the same maple leaf motif, apparently Itsukushima is even more beautiful in autumn when the deciduous trees leave turn a brilliant shade of red. These maple shaped manju cakes usually have a smooth red azuki bean filling but can also be found with custard cream, or chocolate centres, I especially liked the crushed red bean filling.

Having done a little research I believe the dough is made using wheat, eggs, sugar and honey. It is even possible to buy these maple manju deep fried in a tempura style batter, these are really good. They made me think of Scotland.

P1090301The caramelised smell of roasting sweet potato is hard to pass, it’s such a heady aroma that seldom fails to satisfy. Once I learnt that this particular smell served as a prelude to some roasted sweet potato ice cream I couldn’t part with my money soon enough. This sweet potato ice cream was one of those items where your taste buds get all kinds of confused, the ice cream clearly had flecks of roasted sweet potato, yet wasn’t nearly sweet enough, the still warm sweet potato served on top was uber sweet and a lovely contrast, buried at the bottom was cornflakes, fresh crunchy cornflakes.

20170404_152450One of the takeaway stalls, seemed more temporary than the others, similar to the temporary stalls in Tokyo’s Asakusa. These stalls had been in situ for the upcoming sakura celebrations, I assume these few stalls where here for that purpose also. I enjoyed the few items I bought from one of these stalls, the pork skewer simply cooked with salt and pepper. I especially enjoyed the shrimp paste dumpling, shaped like a maple leaf on a stick, it wasn’t super exciting taste wise but fit the locale brilliantly.

Sweet snacks in Miyajimaguchi and Itsukushima included frozen cream bun ice cream, I couldn’t pass this up, the sweet bun filled with a soft serve frozen custard. And a coconut dusted marshmallow.

An occasional Nikuman and Ongiri also helped to keep hunger at bay for a breakfast on the move.