About town

Hole in the wall.

I’ve seen a few of the Sakura markets in different cities now, I’m really surprised how similar the food is at each of them. It’s getting late and I don’t feel like things on sticks, besides there wasn’t anywhere to sit and eat the things, all of the nice illuminated space in the park appears to be taken.


P1090513My feet weren’t too tired to walk for Ramen, not to a very well rated places that is open this late at night, it’s just 15 minutes away. Initially I was turned away at the door, politely of course, not to go away but just to wait, the place is small and currently full. After a few minutes of waiting the serving assistant came out moved the bicycles of guests inside onto the street to give us somewhere to sit. It was really nice. After 20 minutes of waiting I found this action incredibly welcome I didn’t realise how tired my feet were until I sat.

Finally inside this dirty, old, friendly and delicious ramen hole I could see this was clearly an aged institution, a perfect place to eat when deciding may be difficult, there are very limited options. It’s a little unnerving when a venue empties as soon as you sit down, we must have timed the visit badly, soon enough it started filling again.

P1090520Tan tan ramen, this was an obvious take on the Szechuan Dan Dan noodles, the murky broth flavoured with chilli, sesame and peanut. I think I could taste a light miso kick on the back palate, But I’m not completely sure.

The fried chicken, Karako ramen and rice set, was far too much food for anyone, and there was no way tat rice was getting eaten, the Karako ramen isn’t a new variety it’s the house soup, slearly a soy based ramen, named after the shop.

Rice bowls

Not really hungry but in need of some lunch and a place to sit, this small eatery, far enough from the main tourist area to be local, seems to fit the brief. It’s a dead when I step inside, I know that shouldn’t faze me, but it does. Maybe I’ve randomly picked a dud place? is the meal going to be good? Are a few of the questions that ring through my mind. These fleeting thought are alleviated when the room begins to fill.

Not all that hungry the guys let us order side dishes, I thought they were enormous, easily serving as a portion for one.

Blended rice, this complex dish consisted of white rice topped with kimchi flavoured braised pork, spicy chilli meat paste, green onion, seaweed and raw egg yolk. The idea is to mix the whole dish together with the hot rice cooking the raw egg. I mixed the egg in, but enjoyed eating the component parts in stages.

Char siu don, white rice with slices of char siu pork, it was exactly that.