Kyoto is on the must visit list for almost every tourist that comes to Japan, with good cause, it’s a manageable city dripping with history and interest. There is great food, stunning temples and shrines, awesome sakura, nice parks and excellent shopping opportunities.

P1090747There are many cool laneways and alleys to explore, and for me there is no way enough time to explore everything here, even if I were to take subway trains and local buses to get around quicker. I didn’t use public transport often, I might have saved some energy and some time, but how many opportunities would I lose? I might explore one less laneway or get distracted by one less shop perhaps I’ll miss something cool on the way.

P1090672One of the things I liked the most about Kyoto is the Kimono dress up shops, these shops allow anyone to hire traditional attire, to be fitted into it correctly and then let loose in Kyoto city. For me this gave me the opportunity to steal quick snaps of people in kimono in picturesque parts of town.

Kyoto is crowded in parts, especially now during the Sakura bloom it is a completely unreasonable expectation to expect to have a touristic site to yourself at any time after dawn. However Kyoto is a place where patience can be rewarding, many people are part of an organised trip or group that don’t have the luxury of lingering around at a sight and stroll on fairly quickly. A sight that was surrounded by hordes of visitors may be relatively visitor free in just a few minutes later, the added benefit of waiting at these beautiful places for people to move on, is more time spent in beautiful places.