Mazushī echiketto

P1090614With so much convenience food readily available I found it strange to learn that it is improper to eat while walking. I’m not surprised, really I’m not, Japan has a strong etiquette code, it’s not strictly enforced or anything and I have seen some of the youth walking and eating. With that in mind I have also clocked some curious glances from the elder generation as I have been munching on one thing or another.

This is one of those things I’m going to choose to ignore, it’s not openly rude, just improper. I can handle being improper from time to time, I don’t really want to be inside the convenience store eating on the counters they provide, I want to explore, curing my ignorance of the locale rather than that of the etiquette.

With this in mind I didn’t eat all that much convenience food while in Kyoto. I was never hungry when it was around and I found the very popular Nishiki market to be a bit overwhelming, and a bit overpriced.

I didn’t really enjoy the Tai yaki all that much, the filled fish cakes had a weird cake batter that reminded me of cheap white bread. The custard cream filling was perfectly good, spoiled a bit by the crust.

Teriyaki glazed rice balls, these are actually called Mitarashi Dango and are made from glutinous rice flour with a sweet soy based sauce. They were so filling it was quite hard to believe.

Cheese tartlets, yeah they are a thing here, like a warm cheesecake in pastry.

Green tea and vanilla ice cream, soft serve as the picture clearly indicates. Sure it was a cold day, but the sun was out some of the time, I was tired and needed sugar. Why when I read this back does it seem like I’m justifying it to myself?

I did enjoy some random bento boxes on the day I left to head to Kanazawa. One had blanched and lightly glazed vegetables, the other had meat dumplings, pork and vegetables on rice. Both were quite good, and a bit different to the food I ordinarily eat.