I think those geisha stole my biscuits

20170410_172314They were really great biscuits, I had bought them in the morning just around the corner from the geisha house where they went missing. The shop told me they were traditional biscuits so the geisha would have been aware of how good they were. They were a crisp sugared wafer or meringue biscuit with a ridiculously satisfying crunch and a sharp, heavy ginger flavour hit. I’m glad I had eaten the other item from the shop already, it was amazing, I would have hated to lose that too, it was like a Japanese whoopee pie filled with dry pear and white bean.

I felt lucky to visit these pretty historic geisha streets in the morning before any crowds started forming, sure many of the shops were closed and the streets were not yet that engaging, but for me that was perfect. I came in, secured the tickets for “A geisha evening in Kanazawa” had a look around, bought the biscuits and went about my day.

P1090939I carried the ginger biscuits all day and it wasn’t until just before the show that I ate a few more of them, I was a little hungry. Sure I had spent the late afternoon overlooking the main geisha street from the 1st floor vantage of a Japanese dessert restaurant, eating delicious desserts, that’s not the point. The window side seat of the restaurant delivered a clear view of geisha street, where I could observe the daytime comings and goings of the street, watching the little shops, the tour groups and Kimono dress visiting the cobbled street flanked by the beautiful wooden buildings.


The desserts where delicious one of them was a contemporary dessert: Sweet azuki beans wrapped in a soft mochi sheet with green tea ice cream. It was really well balanced and texturally very interesting, the little whipped cream inside the mochi sheet delivering a counter taste and richness to the overall flavour. The gold leaf that topped the ice cream was probably from the shop up the street, Kanazawa makes 90% of the gold leaf used in Japan.

The other item was a traditional dessert called Zenzai and Kaga-bocha: Zenzai is a warm sweet soup of sweet azuki bean, with green tea rice flour dumplings, powdery and sweet chestnuts and an uber flavoursome string of salted kelp. Kaga-bocha is a traditional roasted tea from Kaga used to add contrast and clear the palate.

“A geisha evening in Kanazawa” delivered a cultural introduction to the secretive world of Geisha, it’s certainly the closest anyone in attendance will ever come to a true geisha experience, the songs, games and performances with in the show explained with great humour and fun, it was a most enjoyable and informative experience lasting into the early evening.

It wasn’t until I reached into my bag to grab a biscuit the following day that I realised they were gone, it must have happened when my bag was stored downstairs. Oh well I can’t blame them they were excellent biscuits.