Anyone that knows me understands just how much I love fried chicken, I love it crumbed, battered, marinated, on the bone, of the bone. I love it anyway I can get it, as long as it’s freshly cooked, not greasy and not dry. In Japan fried chicken is known as Karaage with the chicken coated in potato or wheat starch before cooking, occasionally it’s marinated, it’s always seasoned well and is usually excellent.

On this occasion I went to a Japanese fried chicken chain, I think I’ve seen the logo elsewhere, though I’ve not been inside just yet. I wanted the right excuse, for tonight it’s cold and I really can’t be bothered exploring Kanazawa further at night looking for a more exciting meal. The wood panelled restaurant looks pretty hip, the chandeliers are made from Kirin ichiban bottles and there are a few rubber chickens hid amongst the bars chicken related paraphernalia. If I needed any further justification the place is full of Japanese diners, and they all look happy.

P1090835The menu is fairly limited, but with enough of a selection to make things interesting…

Sesame and salted cabbage, I really like this fresh cabbage, ice cold, drizzled with sesame oil and salt, a faint sprinkling of seeds on top. The fresh crunch of the cabbage such a welcome and surprisingly satisfying texture and taste.

Sweet yuzu tossed edamame, served cold the citrus tang of the yuzu syrup I nice addition to the nutty soy beans.

P1090836Fried chicken skin “chips”, well I had expected the skin to have been coated in some way before it was fried, I was quite surprised to find it hadn’t been, the lashings of Japanese red pepper as welcoming as the skins crunch.

Ongiri rice ball, simply put and self-explanatory.

P1090838The chicken itself was really good, from the menu it is possible to order different cuts of chicken from the list that included gizzards, neck and wing tips. I went with the more conventional tenderloin, leg and shoulder? (in fact thigh). One of the ways that this meal was made more interesting was the range of toppings you could order to eat the chicken with I went with grated radish with ponzu, and the sweet white bean paste with cream.