I spent most of my time in Kawaguchiko waking around the pretty lakeside, drinking beer under the still to bloom cherry trees and generally taking it easy while enjoying the sights nature has endowned this beautiful spot with. Kawaguchiko is not a crowded place, near the train station and the cruise boat terminal there are concentrations of day trippers, besides that most places are fairly tranquil. I am surprised how little I ate while I was enjoying the scenery. I had a few onigiri and the occasional unremarkable pieces of fried chicken from a convenience store but beside that there is a limited list.

P1100271I grabbed a roast sweet potato from a catering trailer intelligently located outside one of the hostels, I enjoyed it, they are quite a popular snack here, especially in the cooler months. With a little soy and some red Japanese pepper I was happy, albeit longing for a little butter. I didn’t really need the Takoyaki, drizzed with Japanese barbecue sauce and mayo and topped with plenty of bonito flakes these octopus balls where tasty, not the best I’ve had, but certainly a good break from the sweet potato. Truth be told these two items are some of the most filling imaginable, I really wished it was warm enough to lie in one of the lakeside parks after a meal like this.

20170414_142828The katsu curry that formed part of a meal near Lake Seiko’s shore. I’m glad it was tastier than it looked, the tonkatsu still crispy on arrival, didn’t remain crispy for long, the smothering of tasty katsu curry sauce took care of that. I enjoyed the view and location certainly more than this perfectly tasty example katsu curry, neither were perfect, but one of them contained Mount Fuji!

Add into the mix a few sweet snacks, like the rather cute Fuji shaped biscuits and the peach flavoured soft serve ice cream that I forgot to photograph. And the red bean filled pancake sandwiches (Dorayaki) that seem to be a very common and recurring item I have just begun to eat. I hadn’t seen this small cold steamed cake bun before, filled with a coconut custard cream, it was really quite good.