P1100661Osaka is a big place and while there are some things for the tourist to do in Osaka, it certainly isn’t one of the sight laden locations of the region, there is plenty to do if the desire strikes to do so. I relished the later starts and slower pace of a destination with a smaller must see list

Some of the highlights of Osaka for me have been the Museum of Ceramics, considering my fascination with crockery and the striking pieces available in Japan it was nice to see some historical pieces. I would have enjoyed more information about modern locally produced craft or even a description about the shapes and forms found within the crockery here, just in case there is some interesting symbolism in play.

P1100605The Osaka castle and surrounding grounds deliver a lovely break from the city scape I traversed to reach it. The view over the city from the castle’s fortifications is not particularly captivating or enthralling to the eye, the trees in the foreground covering too little of the immediate buildings before the uninspiring city scape begins, making me feel the vantage from the grounds is somewhat lost. However the inward view toward the castle from the very same vantage provides a pleasant vista indeed the gold trim of the castles classic black eves cut striking and fundamentally iconic Japanese silhouette. Hedged by snippets of the few remaining sakura bloom and the light green of the deciduous trees new growth, melting away into the grey sky behind, it makes a striking image.

No trip to Osaka is complete without a trip to Dontonburi, the main entertainment area, delivering a Japanese city scape right out of a travel magazine, and the rather excellent Kuromon Ichiba market. I’m a bit bummed I didn’t get to have more appetites in Osaka, it would have been great to do a food crawl down here, but I was too busy exploring further afield with Osaka also a great base to do day trips from.