Kuromon Ichiba

What a cracking market! The crowds were small and polite, the stalls colourful and inviting with plenty of visual and culinary stimuli. Many of the stalls and items available have a culinary theme, along with raw and prepared produce there was also so much ready to eat food it is a crime that I will not have enough appetites to try it all.

P1100526Many of the souvenir stalls are laden with food based gifts and boxes, popular with Japanese tourists as gifts, I find it a shame that often the items contained within these delicately wrapped and presented items aren’t for sale individually, I’d love to try many of them but don’t want to buy a whole box.

Lucky for me there is plenty of other appealing stuff to eat, but strategy is required I don’t want to peak early when there are so many things to try. After an initial loop I develop my plan, I’ve had plenty of things on sticks, and am a dab hand at eating mocha so for now they can wait as can the deep fried and the poached oden items.

I couldn’t pass up the slow cooked tuna gill area, more like a jaw, full with almost gelatinous flesh, rich, moist and coated in a sticky say glaze. It was so freakin’ good, it was a taste sensation! My sticky fingertips delivering me the first taste as I slurp on the bone for any fragments remaining, before I swap to chopsticks to eat the flesh already picked from the bone like a civilised person.

P1100534A few still warm surimi sheets, fried with spring onion or bamboo made a good snack, albeit a little greasy, they were small enough for me not to regret trying them.

The small voice inside my head warned me against trying some more Kobe beef, from one of the places in the market cooking the meat you buy to order. There are so many other things to try what if they are better and this beef isn’t so good? I ask myself. Even though it’s not cooked over coals I felt I had to, I’m going to be in the area for such a short period of time and it is delicious! I hedge my bets and grab some crab nigiri from the same stall for some Japanese surf and turf action.

Crab Mornay grilled in the shell delivered more in promise than it did in satisfaction, the actual dish delivering a crab “mac” and cheese in the shell, with scant crab bound in an admittedly delicious cheese sauce.

The mochi covered strawberry cream cake came with me to the park, where I enjoyed it lying on the grass, a can of tea from the vending mahine and a few cake doughnuts grabbed on route to wash it down with. The tea flavour clashing with the coffee doughnut but working very well with the almond icing of the second.