20170503_205449I enjoy eating things on sticks, especially when the things on sticks are cooked over coals, ideally I like it when the items are a bit larger than the usual yakitori size, just so they take longer to cook and have more time to absorb the smoky aroma. At least I knew the yakitori I was about to eat was going to deliver and hopefully satisfy some my craving for chargrilled meat, the street side charcoal filled brazier was clear for all to see, sadly the spotlessly clean window kept the aroma inside.

The menu was a simple one to read with both English text and pictures, I can’t say it was a particularly classy place, but it wasn’t a dive either, just a run of the mill P1110072venue serving a good standard of food. I have become accustomed to sitting with a kitchen view when seated with a bar side seat, relishing the chance to see a little of the action. The restaurant was larger than it appeared outside and had a completely separate kitchen for a change, I was stuck with the much less entertaining barman at work. The obvious upside is the quick bar service when I inevitably finish my drink.

Collectively my partner and I order a collection of things:

Minced chicken with pickled plum sauce and shiso
Asparagus wrapped in pork
P1110074Miso flavoured pork rolled with seaweed
Beef diaphragm – onglet I believe
Pork roll with shiso
Rice cake wrapped in bacon
Eggplant grilled in fat
Caciocavallo cheese and bacon

The standout items for me were the new season asparagus wrapped in pork, the tips all blackened and crunchy. The minced chicken with pickled plum sauce and shiso, a little sharp, a little sweet, a little tangy and a little smoky. The eggplant wrapped in fat was also excellent, a little surprising perhaps, the pork fat so wafer thin keeping the eggplant soft and tender. The rest of the items were good, with the exception of the cheese wrapped in bacon, which was not good, I blame myself for a poor menu choice.

Stepping out in to the night I enjoyed the lights of Sapporo one more time on my walk home, knowing full well that this will be my last.