One last ride…

20170506_220720These last few days in Tokyo have had me running all around town desperately trying to scratch off the list of things I still had to do, or redo before I left. Another ride on the sushi train is most definitely on the list. Mentally I know I should have gone a bit higher brow than the sushi I ate, but in reality I wanted cheap and cheerful, I had already run myself ragged and this handy sushi train restaurant in Shibuya served until quite late.

Rather than conveyor belt sushi, the restaurant operated an ala carte system that relied on a tablet ordering system mounted conveniently in front of your head. The delivery system was on rails, with the food delivered to your seat via a little train.
The sushi was pretty good, not great but I wasn’t expecting great.

20170507_221334Prawn tempura uramaki roll
Prawn tempura nigiri
Roast pork nigiri
Eel nigiri
Monkish liver nigiri
Crab nigiri
Sardine nigiri
Squid nigiri
Hamburger nigiri

I’ll confess the Hamburger nigiri was not a classy choice, but seemed interesting, I think the sweet plum wine I had been drinking was quite influential in my decision making at the point when I made that choice.

Shibuya makes a handy place to stay when in Tokyo, it’s well connected to the rest of  the city via many of the public transport routes and is a mecca for cheap and satisfying eats. There are also plenty of bars for a quick beer or the occasional cocktail to help cool your heels after a day spent trouping around Tokyo.

P1110083Considering how much I love dumplings it should be little surprise that I really wanted to hammer a few more gyoza while I still had the opportunity to do so, I really love the delightfully crisp, partially fried dumplings.
Having found a gyoza specialist restaurant in Shibuya that sells dumplings in mounds of 20, 30 or 40 pieces, I think I will get to have my wish.
Despite the fact that I had to queue in the stairwell for 20 minutes to get a table I didn’t mind, great dumplings are always worthwhile and this relatively short wait peaked my appetite nicely.

P1110093The pork gyoza with Chinese chives and garlic, fried not steamed, appealed to me the most. They were good, the pork filling not too wet so the fried dough remained crisp for a very long time, I had ordered some toppings to go with the dumpling pile, the shredded ginger with black vinegar is a perennial favourite of mine, finely sliced and salted leek appealed mentally, but didn’t live up to the flavour I had developed in my mind while I was ordering.

The restaurant offered additional side dishes because a man cannot live on dumplings alone, a few of them I thought would eat well with the porky dumplings seemed like a good idea.

Cucumber with white miso was crisp and refreshing the white miso delivering a slightly sweet and salty tangy sauce.
Eggplant with spicy miso pork was one of those dishes I had thought to be hot when I ordered it, I was not disappointed when it came cold, the pork was really tasty and the eggplant was suitably soft and had a soy like glaze.
Deep fried tofu came a little too fried to be honest, with some bonito, spring onion and freshly minced ginger.